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The LAMS advise sport field staff on soil management to improve the grass quality while in the meantime reduce fertilizers inputs and pesticides usage.

  • With the LAMS spend less : Our field expertise and complete soil analysis allow to:
    - Know you stock in nutrients (in kg/ha).
    - Stop the use (without risks) of certain fertilisers or reduce inputs drastically
    - Reduce your fuel consumption.
    - Improve plant health and physiological equilibrium and reduce pesticides usage
    - Know what type of organic matter to use in what quantity.
    - Improve soil permeability and sport field longevity.
    - Reduce mat formation
  • With the LAMS go for quality : Our expertise allow you to improve your soil management and reduce the environmental of sport field maintenance.

Provision of services*

  • Complete soil analysis : It is the most exhaustive soil analysis available on the market aimed at professionals. It is indispensable if someone wants to know the ups and downs of its soil.  It includes one visit with the study of a soil pit, field testing and soil sampling at different depths. A physical, chemical and biological analysis is carried out in the laboratory on each sample. A report complete with explanation of the results and advices on soil management is provided.
    Price : 1020 € H.T.
  • Soil samples send by post : when it is not necessary to visit a field, we can analyse a soil sample sent by post. The diagnosis will not be as thorough as for a complete soil analysis but it will allow you to answer simple questions on soil fertilisation and general management practice.  
    Price : 376 € HT per sample

* Please contact us if you want a personal quote for a provision of service or if you need more information :

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