Laboratoire Analyses Microbiologiques Sols
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The LAMS advises winegrowers worldwide with managing their vineyard soil and the vine health.

  • With the LAMS get a better knowledge of your Terroir : Soil is a complex medium, which influence Terroir greatly. Today everyone talks about Terroir without even knowing what a Terroir realy is. Our team is known worldwide for being Terroir expert. When we visit and make a complete analysis of your soil (physical, chemical and biological) we will allow you to :
    - Understand, protect your Terroir and allow the vine to express it through the wine.
    - We can make a Terroir map of your blocks and classify your best Terroirs.
    - Reduce your fuel consumption.
    - Improve plant health and physiological equilibrium and reduce pesticides usage
  • With the LAMS go for quality : Soil is dynamic and should be its management to maintain vine health and longevity. High quality wine starts with high quality viticulture and our expertise will help you with:
    - Vineyard planting method and soil preparation.
    - Grape variety and rootstock choices adapted to your Terroir.
    - Promote biodiversity within your fields.
    - Soil management in organic or biodynamic vineyards

Provision of services*

  • Working agreement : The soi lis dynamic medium which evolves slowly. Usually 5 years are needed before changes due to management practices can be detected. The vine also reacts slowly. Therefore, it is useful to establish a working agreement over several years in order for us to come at least a couple of times a year. In this contract we will be able, depending on your needs, to provide the following expertise:
    - Vineyard planting method and soil preparation.
    - Grape variety and rootstock choices adapted to your Terroir.
    - Complete soil analysis of physical, chemical and biological parameters.
    - Compost management.
    - Biological control of virosis.
    - Promote biodiversity within your fields.
    - Terroir search and investment.
    Price : contact us

  • Complete soil analysis : It is the most exhaustive soil analysis available on the market. It is indispensable if someone wants to know the ups and downs of its soil.  It includes one visit with the study of a soil pit, field testing and soil sampling at different depths. A physical, chemical and biological analysis is carried out in the laboratory on each sample. A report complete with explanation of the results and advices on soil management is provided.
    Price : 1020 € H.T.

  • Soil Fauna counting : The LAMS is the only laboratory to propose the routine analysis of soil fauna. This analysis will allow the farmer to measure and follow the impact of its practices on the biodiversity and biological state its soil.
    Price : 172 € H.T.
  • Vineyard Plantation : The LAMS can help you establish specifications for a vineyard plantation. Our advices will help you prepare the soil in the best possible way for vine establishment. We will use plants to restructure the soil and carry out biological suppression of soil virus. We will help you choose the best grape variety and rootstock for your Terroir.
    Price : Depends on the block area, starts at 4000 € H.T
  • Nematode counting :  The LAMS can measure nematodes populations responsible of virosis.
    Price: 111 € HT
  • Chemical and biological analysis of compost : Those two analysis are indispensables to know the quality and quantity of compost needed for soil amendment.
    Price : Chemical analysis = 222 € HT and Biological analysis = 109 € HT

* Please contact us if you want a personal quote for a provision of service or if you need more information :
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